The aim of therapy is to increase awareness, discover choices and develop skills for changes that feel right for you. Sometimes you may feel stuck with an issue and might wish to reflect on our lives from a new perspective. Sometimes stressful situations or traumatic events leave us feeling vulnerable and unable to cope. Sometimes events that happened a long time come back to haunt us.

You may want to work on a current life event, or something that has been troubling you for some time. Or you may want to explore your past to understand your feelings in the present. Seeing a therapist means talking with someone in a confidential, reflective and caring space. This helps you explore issues and understand your situation and emotions more fully and with greater clarity leading to new insights and a sense of empowerment and control. Better understanding promotes self-esteem, confidence and an improved quality of life.

People often want to know how long it will take. This is not predictable, as sometimes issues arise which you weren’t expecting to become important. However long or short the period for which you decide to engage in counselling or psychotherapy, you will be able to use it to make some changes in how you deal with issues in life. The more deep-seated, long-standing and difficult these issues are for you, the longer therapy/counselling is likely to take. If you opt for short-term work, then we will pace it so that you can achieve some identifiable goals within six to eight weeks but you will be unlikely to deal with everything that bothers you.

Different people are ready for different types and depths of work in counselling and psychotherapy at different times in their lives. What you are ready to do will be up to you and, if you decide to work with me, we will be careful, together, to take things at a pace that you can handle. Sometimes people go to counselling for a while, then leave and then come back some time later, This is entirely appropriate.

In other words, the way you use counselling or psychotherapy is led by your needs and comfort and your will to do the work of looking at yourself with support.